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Social Enterprise Study Visits

Scotland is one of the leading nations in the world of social enterprise with 6,025 social enterprises and a comprehensive ecosystem and policy environment. The strong overseas demand to experience social enterprise in Scotland has led to many and frequent inward visits from groups around the world. Guests have included students, social enterprise practitioners, representatives from social enterprise intermediary bodies, and policymakers – all keen to understand our policy environment and benefit from shared experiences and learning.

Scotland will continue to support inward visits both to enhance the reputation of Scotland and ensure that our social enterprises benefit from expanded connections, networks and markets.

The Observatory and its partners wish to ensure that visitors and their Scottish host organisations have the best possible experience. In some cases we may be able to signpost or support visits to ensure that a group can meet its learning outcomes and that the host engagement is appropriate. The Observatory will track group experiences and outcomes in order to inform and improve future programmes.

If you are interested in hosting a digital or physical social enterprise study visit to understand and experience the Scottish social enterprise ecosystem, please complete and submit the enquiry form below

Inward Study Visit Enquiry Form

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